MRH Committee

Recognizing that there is a severe shortage of market rental housing in the city and that there is an urgent need to increase the supply and decrease the cost of rental housing, the Vancouver City Planning Commission constituted a committee to review the issue of sustaining and increasing the market rental housing in the city.

The core assumptions of this committee’s work are:

  1. We need more people to work and live in the city.
  2. All development must continue to be environmentally sustainable and encourage design innovations.
  3. Market rental housing supply should be considered as a ‘public benefit.’
  4. We must reduce work trips by motor vehicles and increase the work trips by public transport, bicycling and walking, by focusing on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD).
  5. Developing and implementing new policies and programs regarding market rental housing, should not have to wait forEcoDensity to take full flight.
  6. These new policies should be developed without requiring additional bureaucracy.
  7. These policies should not be exclusively dependent upon federal and provincial government programs or assistance.
  8. There is an urgent need to develop policies and programs which cut down on ‘processing time’ and ‘processing costs.’
  9. All neighbourhoods should share this growth neutrally, without any ‘dumping’ in any particular part/s of the city (i.e., equitably distributed throughout Vancouver).