Kronenburg Lecture

Flexible: Architecture that Responds to Change

Professor Robert Kronenburg, author of Flexible: Architecture That Responds to Change, opened a two-day exploration of adaptability with a keynote lecture on flexible architecture and city building on September 18, 2008.

Flexible architecture refers to buildings designed to adapt readily to change throughout their lifetimes – adapting, transforming, and interacting with their users.

The lecture was the public component of the Urban Adaptability Ideas Forum, the third event in the Commission’s public engagement series, A City Built for Change.

Chair of Architecture at the University of Liverpool, Robert Kronenburg has published articles in several journals including Architects’ Journal, Building Design, and Fabrics Architecture, and contributed to the World Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture. His recent books include Flexible: Architecture that Responds to Change and Portable Architecture: Design and Technology.

CBC Radio Interview – Kronenburg, 2009 September 18

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