Adaptability Ideas Forum

How do we build adaptability into urban buildings and spaces?

An Adaptability Ideas Forum formed the third and final event of the series, taking place September 18 and 19, 2008.

Launched with a public keynote presentation by Robert Kronenburg on Flexible: Architecture that Responds to Change, two intensive workshops examined opportunities for adaptability:

  • Urban Adaptability Youth Challenge: In an adjudicated competition, three teams of Vancouver high-school students were asked to focus on a driver of change and create a vision for an adaptable Vancouver community fifty years in the future. Building on discussions with mentors, the students created bold physical models of their ideal neighbourhoods ‘built for change.’ (See below for videos from the students’ workshop documenting their summary reports and awards.)
  • Urban Adaptability Workshop: A multi-disciplinary group of design professionals, activists, civil servants and community leaders challenged existing obstacles and explored new solutions for adaptability practices into each of three urban typologies: single-family residential areas, neighbourhood centres and high-density residential areas, and gathering places.

The guiding idea for the workshops was that creating an adaptable, resilient city is not just about densifying, but also about having a quality, multi-purpose public realm and buildings, neighbourhood flexibility, and the ability to integrate environmental technologies over time.

Background article (VCPC)

Adaptability Ideas Forum Vancouver Courier article [pdf] [link]

Urban Adaptability Youth Challenge Videos
Part One (10 minutes)

Part Two (10 minutes)

Adaptability Ideas Forum Photos (at