Built for Change

Program Launch, 2007

The Vancouver City Planning Commission has chosen to challenge the City’s resilience to change through a number of initiatives in its A City Built for Change program.

Blue lion bannerHow ready is Vancouver for new societal, economic and environmental factors? Vancouver is already leading edge in the sustainable development field, advocating for walkable, transit-oriented communities, environmental technologies and high density housing; and strives to achieve even higher sustainability standards, encouraging LEED™ rated buildings, green design and new housing options.

Creating an adaptable, resilient city is not just about densifying. It’s also about a multi-purpose public realm and buildings, neighbourhood flexibility, the ability to integrate environmental technologies over time – and quality. It is also about expanding the development horizon. The City needs to challenge current policies, plans and visions to ensure that adaptability is built-in. How can Vancouver encourage innovation and go beyond what is already being done? What does adaptability mean for the development of buildings and the public realm? What are the principles and guidelines for adaptability? How does Vancouver build a city with resilience rather than with obsolescence?

Workgroup 2 has initiated a 5-part speaker and event series which began with the Robert Liberty lecture on November 20/2007. The 4 remaining events will be comprised of differing formats and audiences, and will focus on public engagement and input. The next event in this series, a Summit on Change, will be in late February and will focus on ‘drivers for change’ in a workshop format. All of the events are intended to work towards a thorough investigation of the ‘Built for Change’ theme and result in a contributing piece to the Commission’s Change Charter.

Potential output impact areas: Eco-density, long-term sustainability, community engagement, participation and education.

Built for Change media release [pdf]